2018 Summer Reading Program Details and the Importance of Reading

During my years of childhood and young adulthood, I spent many hours visiting my local library. On account of my mom being an English teacher, she made sure I almost always had a book in my hand whenever I had free time outside school. In fact, instead of spending large amounts of time during summer playing video games like many of my peers, I found myself strolling through aisles of books at my library and rummaging through seemingly endless streams of paperbacks and hardcovers as if searching for hidden treasure. In addition, I recall frequently nestling up on my local library’s beanbag chairs to turn pages. Participating in annual Summer Reading Programs was always a highlight of my 3-month vacations from school as well. While in elementary school, I immensely enjoyed reading the Goosebumps series, and, like many, in middle school I found myself obsessed with The Hunger Games. In high school, I fell in love with every John Green book I could get my hands on, and now my favorite novel by far is Eat Pray Love (I have a great appreciation for the writing style of Elizabeth Gilbert). The power of mere combinations of words and the effects they can have on readers is truly mindboggling. Through reading, you can travel anywhere in the universe while simultaneously remaining planted in one location. The process of enhancing your worldliness through reading is a lifelong journey, and the ability to access written works is a marvelous opportunity which should not be taken lightly. I can unequivocally confirm that paying my local library many visits during my youth positively impacted me in many ways.

As summer approaches, I highly encourage you to learn more about your local library and its Summer Reading Program. If you or anyone you know is currently in elementary, middle, or high school, I definitely recommend looking into what your local library has to offer. Some libraries even offer Summer Reading Programs geared toward adults! Summer Reading Programs serve as great outlets to gain knowledge, make friends, increase your literacy, and partake in lots of fun projects and activities.

The theme for this year’s US Summer Reading Program is Libraries Rock. I am extremely excited about this, as what time during my middle and high school years I did not spend in the library, I devoted to playing multiple instruments in rock bands. As a result of the many years I spent participating in Summer Reading Programs and my experience playing music, I am pleased to announce that throughout the entire week of July 9th I will be performing at each library in the county I reside (see libraries, dates, and times listed below). All Summer Reading Programs across the United States begin on June 1st—so, let’s get rockin’ and reading!

What are/were your favorite books to read? I would love to know! Feel free to leave a comment below or send me a message.

Also, if you or someone you know is participating in the Summer Reading Program this year, please share pictures and videos!

For those of you in Horry County, I hope to see you in July!

Monday, July 9th: Bucksport Library—10:30am, Aynor Library—1:30pm

Tuesday, July 10th: Conway Library—10:30am, Carolina Forest Library—1:30pm

Wednesday, July 11th: North Myrtle Beach Library—10:30am, Little River Library—1:30pm

Thursday, July 12th: Surfside Library—10:30am, Socastee Library—1:30pm

Friday, July 13th: Green See Floyd Library—10:30am, Loris Library—1:30pm


Thanks for reading. Have a great day!

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  1. Love Libraries ROCK!!! Great Article! I like to read Skye’s The Crown’s Game.

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