Organizational Tips to Help You Make This the Best School Year Yet

1. Color Code!

If you can, color code all your materials affiliated with specific courses. For example, everything I use for math is pink—pink highlighter, pink binder, pink notebook, pink folder, etc. This will help you more quickly identify what you need for your class.


2. Pick Out School Outfits in Advance.

Stop unnecessarily wasting time in the morning by deciding on your outfits for the week ahead over the weekend. Then, hang them up separately from all your other clothes for easy access.


3. Get a Planner and Schedule Things Out.

We all know how hectic life can get sometimes! Due to this, it is important to have a readily available way of keeping track of what you have going on. Invest $5 in a planner and save yourself loads of stress by writing down everything you have going on throughout the year.


4. Use Page Markers!

To remember what pages in textbooks have specifically important information on them, I highly recommend using page markers! You can also write the page numbers down in a notebook and reference them that way.


5. Rewrite Your Notes After Classes or Lectures.

While trying to keep up with professors in class, my notes tend to end up looking far from perfect and organized. Due to this, I like to type or rewrite them after classes. It serves as a good review and it gives me a document I can study much easier with. If you can relate to this struggle, definitely try this out!


I hope these tips helped! Thanks for reading!

Keep it sassy,